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Protect our Community by delivering Personal Protective Equipment directly to the frontlines in need.

We are a grass-roots and community-driven organization with the mission of taking immediate action to protect our healthcare and public service heroes against the COVID19 pandemic.

Our dedicated volunteers make and distribute personal protective equipment (PPE) where it is urgently needed. We also accept and distribute PPEs donated to us from other organizations that share our mission to protect our frontline heroes.

Request PPE

Request PPE(s) by filling out our form – providing org details and contact name. Please note we can only deliver to a commercial address.

Donate Funds

Contribute to our GoFundMe – help procure and distribute vital PPEs to frontline heroes in need. We’re currently in CA, IL, NY and expanding.

Become a Volunteer

Sign up to become a volunteer – there are many roles including equipment maker (shield, mask, gown), delivery, operations, and hub lead.

Sharing a few success stories…